3 ways – ryan @ryangottheheat كلمات اغنية

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i bet chu i can flip a rack 3 ways
drugs, guns, gangs
he says
how you do this so easily
i got my street smarts
y’alls full of air like lays
let all my homies out the cage
you a opp
i’ll down em then flip the paige
you mess with the gang that’s russian roulette
you did all them pushes but still ain’t a treat
i bet
pull up
but don’t say something you’ll regret
she try to be my wifey
but we ain’t never met
if you still talkin
g all your dead homies
and same to your set
50 put all my homies in a cage
but they ain’t no pet
they ain’t proved guilty
but still ain’t out yet
this just silly
why then thеy locked up
i don’t get it
like why
i’m too high up somе say i fly
in the sky
she said she down to ride
i ain’t stupid ain’t got no time for lies pull up on your block with five guy
with a load in the back
i’ll be pushing bees when i sleep
you pushing peas you get clapped
on the streets got racks
you still talkin
be quiet for you get crack

- ryan ryangottheheat كلمات اغنية