1st times – ryf كلمات اغنية

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the first time i played with my d*ck
not sure but i think i was six
it wasn’t there all the adults said
i was child i didn’t care

the first time i kissed a girl
i was eight, i didn’t give it the right weight
she was teen and wanted to play
to be ready for the real boy

then i try to remove the fact
to make happy mum and dad
and the ones who now want me dead

the first time i kissed a boy
i was 14, we played the bottle in a canteen
if i liked also boys what was i?
a lesbian girl and a g*y guy?

after loves and million doubts
suicidal thoughts and alcohol
despеrate tears and huge fеars
i found you and i found me

then i realize i was really really g*y
cause i can love the world whatever s*x it may be
and i try to recall all the facts
and try to fight back who wants us dead

- ryf كلمات اغنية