#1 dad – sarahsarah!! كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i wanna give up
i wanna give in
i wanna take a razor blade
and cut it to my skin

i wanna cut off all my hair
i wanna cut off all my friends
i wanna go back to the very start
and do it all again

i wanna drive
out of the city
out to where the trees look pretty

i wanna keep driving
till the land meets the sea
i wanna get out
i wanna be free

i want you
to love me
i want you
to cry when i cry

i want to say i’m sorry
every single f*cking time
but you don’t hear me
you can’t see it when i try
you tell me i’m screaming
have you ever wondered why?

you words lose meaning
when you say them with that smile

will you ever know how much i lovе you?


love is so subjective
just a glimmеr in your eye
i only deserve it
when it doesn’t hurt your pride

so i run and run and run
and still i never catch my breath
you follow hastily
and mince my words before i speak

i can hear you
in every corner of my mind

you never needed me
i’m just a f*cking waste of time
i wish you’d stop screaming
now your thoughts have become mine

will you ever know how much i love you?
will you ever try, will you ever try?

will you ever try?

- sarahsarah كلمات اغنية