102z – sauce walka كلمات اغنية

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[intro: sauce walka]
(jrag on the beat)

[verse 1: sauce walka]
i be with street n*ggas
i’m used to choppin’ sh*lls on the beat, n*gga (sh*t)
i don’t repeat, n*gga
i spend another hundred every week, n*gga
i’m with the grease, n*gga
i got detergent on me as we speak, n*gga
sauce on my feet, n*gga
i be in bathing ape like it’s cheap, n*gga
sancho delete n*ggas
i get a n*gga murdered for the free, n*gga
i’ma defeat n*ggas
i’m with the k!llin’ grannies, i’m a g, n*gga
all them delete n*ggas
i served you magic, lift him off feet, n*gga
how you deplete n*ggas?
spent a whole quarter million on some beef, n*gga
i’m with the demonstration
i’m tryna see my opps get decapitated
rappers be fabricating
sh*t hit the sky, man, y’all stop procrastinating (ooh*wee)
[verse 2: el trainn]
chopsticks came with a d*ck on it
million*dollar play and a n*gga put a b*tch on it (ooh)
and a b*tch run it back like devin hester
my pockets on swole like brock lesnar
i’ll kick a n*gga ass like shane lechler
i don’t give a f*ck ’bout your vendetta
i’m the type, get the b*tch, make her do better
you the type, get the b*tch, then you lose cheddar
i’m the type make the ho trip any weather
you the type take the ho out to eat at cheddar’s
i ain’t got time for a dinner date
i’ma drip on a b*tch in bathing ape
once a n*gga trip, i’ma put him on display
rollin’ through your hood, i get it brackin’ in the broad day
yellow stones in my ear, lemonade
keep a cutter on my side, not a switchblade
y’all n*ggas slimes, b*tch*made
tsf business, lil’ n*gga, we been paid
i’m wreckin’ b*tches for riches, no time for a renegade, on sauce

[verse 3: peso peso]
these n*ggas got problems, we scoot up with cutters
i been drippin’, i be leavin’ a puddle
alexander mcqueen, i be clean like a bubble
at the trap spot, it’s just me and my buddies
n*gga play with the sauce, i scoot up with tecs
i just seen a slime n*gga wearin’ a dress
i’m out of town, n*gga, where is the meds?
i’m strapped up, got a mac tucked
n*gga play with this sh*t, he gon’ end up dead
the opps seen us at the store and they fled
old scary*ass n*ggas don’t want no playin’
i’m ridin’ with glocks, fns, and choppers
i’m mixin’ the off*white with versace
i know it sound brazy, but n*gga, i’m drippin’
pull up to the trap if you need a prescription
these n*ggas are rats, these n*ggas police
these n*ggas are sad, these n*ggas are weak
i drip and i splash every time that i walk
i drip and i splash every time that i talk
we sittin’ on leather, you touch one feather
no question, we splash up and knockin’ you off
real trap n*gga, i got bricks in my wall
and i got a whole army of shooters on call (blah)

- sauce walka كلمات اغنية