32 – sean bennett كلمات اغنية

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i woke up early this morning start counting up racks whoa
im cool with plug so i get the lows on them packs yeah
ya b*tch steady begging for me to come blow out her back oh
i hit decline i don’t waste time
i don’t be stressing out about a dime
catch me in traffic booling with my slimes
i just hit a play them bands on the chime
take a risk put it all on the line
we won’t fail man i promise we straight
we can eat its enough on the plate
we going fest like we at a buffet
i can spend it get it back in a day
them bands on thе way
im protected evеrywhere i go
if you touch my chain adios
you gone meet the ground then your soul going float
you going see them gates on the upper floor
i can get you whack if you want smoke
better think twice for i let it blow
have the crowd dropping low like dominos
toss him off the bridge scream trarompano
yea my flow hotter than the oven door n*gga
618 i’m the goat n*gga
can’t ride my wave or boat n*gga
sad how these rappers go ghost n*gga
yeah but i’m in it to the end
never took a lost all i do is win
said he want the smoke blow em like a pen
catch him on the block we going do spin
two big glocks you can say they twins
bullets penetrating burning through your skin
boy i know them b*tches hot yea
love the way the body drop
if i want a n*gga shot yea
ill do it by myself
if you want to get the job done right then you got to go and do the sh*t yourself
self made n*gga never asked for help
only chase a bag to the wealth
all i blow is cookies good for my health
steady dodging reapers running far from death
toss em in a river hope he micheal phillips
i don’t think these rapping goin step
promise i’m the last real n*gga left
everywhere i go its e’s that i rep
ease up off me for i get to clutching
if i say its up a hundred n*ggas rushing
tried to take my chain a hundred n*ggas punching
if you try to run a hundred n*ggas bussing
never catch me lacking always tooting something
naw i ain’t a k!ller just don’t push my b*ttons
all that hating that you doing got me buzzing
king of the land ain no more discussion forreal

- sean bennett كلمات اغنية