3rd base – sean harris كلمات اغنية

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you ain’t never heard some sh*t like this before
with some hood model chick in love with nikes and dance floors
that’s late nights and take out
footwork and foreplay
she gone lose her marbles when she find out i make soufflé
whip it like i’m sufjan
she lap up like a papillon
i kiss her like i’m la pew
then spank it like i’m paw paw
oh sh*t she wanna share the main stage
tell her link me on my costar we might cross paths one day
feeling like i’m omar man i’m all in the game
i got solar i got lunar i got flame and got wave
that’s why i move like water got no enemies aye
probably lied to your daughter but sh*ll still text me i’m straight
if you press me i’ll turn pesci to put food on my plate
and if you ex me better next me i circumnavigate
around the globe i’m on my glo with hindu smoke in my clothes
that’s nag champa keep it proper when i kick with these hoes
i’m gonna l!ck her she gone l!ck me then i’ll get to them toes
that make em miss me when i’m kissy now she grabbing my throat

but i love these thotties bro!
“but what else?”
i love camping with my brodie’s in the wilderness
i love lying to the government to get food stamps
i love cook outs and cricket
kickball and kick flips
tax returns and sun burns and buying sh*t of wishlist
biking on the side streets
sending it through stop signs
trusting in the greater
at all times i’m bout mines
bout mines means bout yours
if you abou face dont bad word
best believe i’ll leave bad burns
no payback dont take turns
took a minute but got i through
no costume this all true
yo n*gga what this cost you?
samurai i k!ll akoo
you monkey n*gga like aboo
these fake n*ggas need soul food
i cook it up young chop sui
they hoes drop like stocks do

- sean harris كلمات اغنية