11pm feelings – selena adams كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

it’s 11:38
and the feeling’s back that i hate
so called “milestones” are late
i have yet to find someone by fate

so i think of the strong ladies i aspire to be
independent and successful like alisha marie
but then i think about how tired i am of caring for me
i want to love somebody else occasionally

although i have paved a great path on my own
n0body likes to feel alone
and i hate to admit it, it makes me groan
but sometimes it’s sad having no one to phone

but don’t worry i’ll be fine
there’s plenty of time
to wait for the one who will be mine

and i know that i’ll get through this
if i stop treating love like it’s on my to do list
and just remember the wise words of paris
(from gilmore girls)
“if you can’t put it on your transcript then what’s the point?”

i know that didn’t rhyme but it’s iconic so…

- selena adams كلمات اغنية