-30 – ‌sewerperson كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
p*ssy in my mouth
i check my notifs and i’m out
my competition writing tweets, that’s why their song ain’t comin’ out
they disregard the truth if there’s a juicier account
i promise you it’s false unless directly from my mouth
if i ain’t say it, then i promise you it’s cap
i keep 40 songs in constant motion underneath my cap
i see them takin’ shots, but it’s a blank in every cap
if they hit me in my dms, then i promise it’s in caps
and it’s my second time around, i promise you i’ll fire back
i’d spit the first edition, but i was pettier in that
then i’d end it somewhere here if i’m not ready enough to snap
but i’m readier than that
i put some dirty f*cking shoes on with my dirty f*cking hat
i need to look the part, when i get dirty on the track
eric on some ot, i’m just tryna keep up with that
sent this 50 minutes ago, i’m bouta send it back

(beat switch)

30 below
and i don’t i’d make it through the snow, baby
girl, it’s cold
plus, who knows
what if i wanna party on my own? (yeah)
what if i wanna party all alone? (aye)
maybe i might just like it here at home (uh)
did you ever have that thought?
i need to know, yeah
girl, i need to know
do you ever think about me on the road? (yeah)
have you ever thought about us growing old? (aye)
baby, i need to know
need to know
girl, i need to, need to know
girl, i need to, need to know
girl, i need to, need to know

[verse 2]
i cannot stress no more, my heart is cold
f*ck ’em all
i cannot see ’em, while they grab at me below
f*ck ’em we ball
i put half his rent onto my toes
i’m tall
sucks you’re not no 12, i woulda gave you those (d*mn)
i am the worst, ah
i said it first, ah
you could recount, whatever helps, whatever works, ah
i am not perfect, but i’m pretty sure i’d be worth it
couple of circuits loose in my head, but it’s on purpose

- sewerperson كلمات اغنية