cuddle alone – she keeps bees كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

there where questions in his eyes
that i answered in silence
and his eyes rolled slowly as i rolled away

we were sleeping in silence
we were laughing at our faith
and we always managed to keep turning heads

hmmm mmmmm

and you told me not to fear
as you asked me to come here
and the nearer i became you pushed away
and you told me not to go
but you left me all alone
and the questions go and start to hurt my head
cuddle alone
cuddle alone
and you told me please to stay
but no words still came
and i never returned to your side
as the fear within me dies
it’s hard to find my pride
where i left it there over a year ago
suffer alone
suffer alone
suffer alone

- she keeps bees كلمات اغنية