1:32am – ​shintaro كلمات اغنية

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leaves fall but it dont help
the pills aren’t making it better
i wish i held you close enough
to feel the warmth of your sweater
we would dance in the moonlight together
before my depression and made me lie
i apologized 100 million f*cking times
so why do i still watch family guy?
i wish you were here to help me forget
instead i repent and my soul is content
under this tent you’ll find me dead
soulless and gone with blood pouring out of my head
i guess you never really knew me

(verse 2)
i cannot blame you for your mistakes
instead im the one saying sorry
do you ever consider the winter
to be much more haunting
than halloween
i hate thinking back to last winter
to see i was happier than now
i wanna forget i even met her
maybe this is something i have to deal
open my mind and find inside
the icarus of my abyss
i learn im alone once again

- shintaro كلمات اغنية