10:20 at the lab – shittyboyz كلمات اغنية

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[intro: stanwill]
huh, yeah
this is a j. johnson production

[verse 1: stanwill]
huh, aye, i be everywhere with glocky on me, i’m in love with it
i’m in love with pape, jacks, and fraud, no, i can’t love a b*tch
woke up in the morning, caught a flight like f*ck the oven mitt
woke up in the morning calling hutch, you know i’m coming kit
crib, stu’, sh*t, any f*cking where, you know the bl!ck around
bartending, when i catch the opps, shots getting sent around
love amazon like when i punch, i know it shipping out
ain’t believe in santa claus back then but, b*tch, i’m gifted now

[verse 2: trdee]
i’m with bando at the lab, twenty past ten
told her turn around just like a truck and come and back in
they gon’ lеt us in the backdoor, i snuck the mag in
ran up on him then hе froze up, he was lagging
we’ll treat the beat just like it’s ping*pong
she keep saying “groove” is her theme song
tron keep coughing ’cause the weed strong
he gon’ get shot, keep thinking that he king kong

[verse 3: babytron]
online, jabbing everything, i feel like roy jones
pull up shooting, blazing, i’ma get my [?] on
7.62s, .223s, you can’t avoid those
won’t acknowledge what the f*ck he saying ’cause that boy broke
off*white on me, it was free, i got it off the fire
had to turn around in ky, b*tch done lost my writer
sleeve nash with stan dunking chips like he stottlemeyer
two years ago i was somewhere doing fraud in meijer’s
[verse 4: stanwill]
i’m a cheater and a scammer but i ain’t a liar, boo
if wally’s don’t got not giffies in then i know meijer’s do
bin heat like i hope the chip reader fireproof
throw a hundred at me, i can hit you with a site or two
somewhere grabbing jacks, showed my ass like i’m bam margera
f*ck the opps, i’ll hit yo b*tch and i’ll scam yo parents
apple this and that, i ain’t never been no fan of carrots
looking mighty hard, might f*ck around and get you blam for staring

[verse 5: trdee]
the winter time the only time this n*gga grind
kinda feel like nemo, always hard to find
i don’t keep change but, yes, i got a dime
looking in the mirror like they hate me ’cause i really shine
think we finna fight? i’ll up the stick like, n*gga, fight these
she been twerking for a d*mn hour, she got nice knees
i’ma put yo knees up to yo chest just like it’s high knees
know that sh*t exotic when it got you looking chinese

[verse 6: babytron]
foreign drip got me walking ’round looking european
tryna race to an m but we gon’ be the first to see it
when i drop a forty*one, the caption gon’ be “german jesus”
so much horse power in this vert, this b*tch’ll burn a demon
twenty jacks stacked, turn ’em in, cash a scat pack
twenty ssns and dobs, entire pack smacked
this some turtle pie, you got some stems, we can’t match thrax
hardbody, touchdown with it like a half*back

- shittyboyz كلمات اغنية