puppy clouds – shoelace كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1]

sit. down. observe
floating up as these words
lift the summit of the paper
children in this paper world

yes child you are a cloud
there’s no need to say it loud
tufts of water have no purpose
open hands, rain come down
in the lightness of your could even learn to fly
think of this.tune for you.this is how.i warm up
a puppy cloud is my relation.for my center.that is enough

you’re just a puppy cloud

[verse 2]

everyone.has a turn. to walk along. a misty road
misty eyes.misty smiles. aunties smoking misties now
think of this wow. sit with me. atop a hill above a crowd
sanguine-rude-to nice-; this is a changing mood
similar to this cloud

you do not. have to be. mindful of an ending fate
good people grinnin. bad people sinnin. aerial linen that has no weight
right until. if they will. minds begin to condensate
at one point words become rain then water underneath the grate

watch your step. looky there! wow! there are insects underfoot now
let them p-ss. if i stepped. on your head. you would say ow
if i gave you food to eat and it tastes like meat, would you say “cow?”
doesn’t that depend on if you can open your mouth somehow?


its your winter. time for snow. 1 800 mr plow
this ain’t wasted ice on this ground it is the essence of the tao
i can’t tell one cloud from the next
i appreciate your form
in your eyes are raging storms
change is your original norm
change is your original norm
change is your original norm

- shoelace كلمات اغنية