1312 (charity single) – shwabadi كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

yeah, look, they hurt us, murderers, murdered them in the street
then they act shocked when a people decided to fight back, expecting them all to retreat
in disbelief at all the videos i’ve seen on twitter, man, i’m feeling grief
but the guilt of a white man means nothing if you cannot stand up and actually do what you preach
if the people living with privilige won’t use their power to help, make it end
and makе amends, then y’all pretеnd, now how the f*ck could i call you a friend
now you gotta fight for what you believe, it’s human rights, they cannot deceive us
this white silence is violence, so let’s stand up and make them perceive us
my life is built on the back of a system that pushes you down if you’re black
if i can’t speak up against the injustice i’m seeing, then why the f*ck would i rap
the simplest fact, this is not politics, we have gone way beyond that
the life has been torn from our brothers and sisters of colour and they cannot give it back
black lives matter today and all days
recognise your privilige now and always
speak against injustice, silence hate
and change the f*cking system, make a change

- shwabadi كلمات اغنية