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everything else disappears – sister hazel lyrics

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remember to breathe
remember to hold your head high
remember to smile some
and just listen a while

you’ve practiced enough yeah
that’s what i told myself
so i nervously asked you your name
and that’s when the world seemed to stop

and i died when you looked up like that
took my breath away
knocked me flat on my back
i knew right then and there
in that first second stare
it would be a while

everything falls out of focus
you walk through the door
and one thing that’s clear to me
helplessly hopeless
i’m all right with that
in a room full of people
everything else disappears

we talked for hours
about the sun and moon
how it chases her round and round
it’s just trying to light up her face

and we sat on your car
while the light from the stars
poked holes in the sky
and you told me the tales of your heart
and how it’d been broken

and i cried when you talked about that
yeah what i would’ve given to take it all back for you
right then and there
in that first second stare
i knew we would be a while


i thought that i’d known you forever
i felt like i’d finally come home
after all of these lifetimes
you still take my breath away


- sister hazel كلمات اغنية