on fire – siyah كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1: siyah]
’til i retire to do so by 30’s still the goal
rather own than wear gold
hope i die with my head to floor
god willing one day i’ll see the globe
planned to do it all on a world tour
only way i knew to leave the mo
to think of all i didn’t know
back then i barely had a credit score
and was barely getting paid for a show
now i’m finna be known to (set the microphone on fire)
yea, that’s a little bit of foreshadowing
write to make you think
and to keep the trunk rattling
if you gotta fight
then you fight ’til the battle ends
labeled me as black and said i’ll never have a chance
seems like the wars been on since nat took a stance
but my problem ain’t the color of another man
i rebuke all evil
the earth is my turf
and we’re all one people
i see you

[outro: kingdom kome]
i’d like to introduce to y’all – siyah
let’s go, walking with enoch music
and this is… the steadfast ep
peace akh, you ready?
go head and… (set the microphone on fire)
ruen on the track
set that mic on fire
let’s get em

- siyah كلمات اغنية