#3′ me – sj (ofb) كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

they say im tapped they say i lost my brain
but rip [?] cah he lost his brain
at 14 yeah i went insane
but at 16 i put 3 opps on my blade
i just wanna safety all my guys in the shade
and love live neece this sh*ts really blake
on my block is where i stay
but rest in p*ss all the opps in the day
my mummy told me not the rap this way
cuz karmas a b*tch it might hit me one day
i got nothing else to say but freestyle b***** have a nice day
thankful they can’t get me down (ohh)
they can’t get me down
i’m thankful they can’t*

- sj ofb كلمات اغنية