312 stepper – slimeball cj كلمات اغنية

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why is everything chrome
everything is chrome in the future

[verse 1]
this sh*t is so cold you might need a jacket
pull up we gone catch you lacking
i be posted at the back*end, false claiming yall n*ggas be switching
just like kb but 312 on a mission, these n*ggas b*tches
walk in the party my diamonds they shinning and glistening (they shinning and glistening)

[verse 2]
these n*ggas is stupid these b*tches r*t*rded
we shoot up your house we get at your mommy
they claim they a gangster they must be a dummy
pop me a pеrk now im off of that molly
jump of the walls just like im jeff hardy, thеy ain’t gone shoot they ain’t really about nothing
these n*ggas scared they cry to they mommy
she say that she love me i know that she ugly
hop in the rari you know that we gone
smoke all this weed you know we get zoned
talking to me b*tch leave me alone (pulled up and kicked down the door)
don’t f*ck on the bed b*tch f*ck on the floor
we aim for the feet and we aim for the doom
got me a automatic with a chrome, came from the fourth with a trap phone
i’m a 312 stepper with a pole, with a mac 10 tryna up the score

- slimeball cj كلمات اغنية