your daddy will do – sloan كلمات اغنية

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when your mama met your daddy she had to decide
should a goodie drag a baddie along for the ride?

back in school he got his hooks
in a beautiful and clever
girl who rightly hit the books
’cause your looks don’t last forever

your mama grew up but your daddy refused
he made her sign a pre-nup and she wasn’t amused

then his money ran out as her bank account grew
but she shared it because it was the right thing to do
what could she do?
what could she do?

there were some days
it didn’t feel like they were in love at all but now

years have p-ssed
your mama is relieved
your daddy stepped up she believed
in him so much they conceived

you and now their money’s tight
and their time is even tighter
oh oh you came along
in no time at all

they kind of lost touch with what’s in and who’s who
they didn’t care all that much
they did what they had to do

your daddy grew up and you wouldn’t be here
if your mama hadn’t made your daddy look in the mirror

your mama’s impressed
yes, she’s glad he came through
she could have been with the best
but your daddy will do
your daddy will do
daddy will do

- sloan كلمات اغنية