123 – ​slowthai & kenny beats كلمات اغنية

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woah kenny

yeah,life was bleak
playing hide and seek
had to roam with my team
man’s on this ting like can you see
like 123,like abc
like blues clues and you can’t find me

when i kick anybody
when i kick in the door
that boy wants one
you got that coke and i needed more
when i kick in the door,like what you need me for?
what do you want?

since i was four and i feel that once more
and i feel that love (love)
lost all my love when i fought the sl*t
because she didn’t have enough

catch me with my money for the meantime
hey i’m a f*cking assh0l*
she turns up on the five guys
meeting samurai lucky
she’s on lifelines,that’s the prize time
man,i’m on prime time
boxing in the night like suge knight mixed with barry white
f*ck it i’mma hype guy,f*ck it on the sidelines
f*ck up with a bucket kfc
finger l!cking good chicken
when i’m high,i am too high and i’m coming down from shrooms

- slowthai kenny beats كلمات اغنية