fantasia – slt henny كلمات اغنية

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yeah, man
shouts out non*social
shout out julian


last night too f*cked up
now i can’t move
drugs got me f*cked up
boy i feel doomed
and it’s late at night, but i think of you
don’t need to f*ck, i’m feelin you
i’m too drunk i feel sick
my pants cool, thats new rick

[verse 1]

these n*ggas hate, i’m too hip
they ain’t heard of me, need a q*tip
just loaded up for some new drip
we in saks, n*gga, where the monte clair?
got a bad b*tch with dome long hair
lookin fresh, so these n*ggas gon’ stare
got a white lil’ b*tch named keisha
just playin i’on want no quiche
lil’ big boy blowin that reefer
gonna blow up like a d*mn creeper
b*tch don’t step on my sneakers
boy i’ll have my b*tch come beat ya
boy i swear your ass won’t like that
got a wood, go ahead bro light that
off the perc’, my body tryna’ fight back
blow my brain just like i like that

[verse 2]

can’t f*ck with the rollie, can’t f*ck with no peasant
we all keep a trick, we give you a blessin’ (bah, bah, bah)
no i’m not the pope, but im givin’ you blessin’s (i am)
she suck on my d*ck, she givin’ impressions
i’m off of the gas, no i’m never stressin
i’m coolin with smith and my n*gga wesson

with my dawg like johnny test
slt n*gga f*ck the rest!
fsc on my f*ckin’ chest
all my n*ggas skate, so i’m not impressed
did a lil’ ollie, n*gga think he fresh

haha… you look stupid n*gga..
*chuckle* that’s just me though
yeah.. and uh..
don’t be social, n*gga


last night too f*cked up
now i can’t move
drugs got me f*cked up
boy i feel doomed
and it’s late at night, but i think of you
don’t need to f*ck, i’m feelin you
i’m too drunk i feel sick
my pants cool, thats new rick

[verse 3]

your whole wood like a f*ckin’ clip
your b*tch staink like some f*ckin’ sh*t
your b*tch tryna’ take a f*ckin’ fl!ck
just paid the plug with some counter fits
b*tch wet soon as she see the whip
in a lambo truck, usain
off the perc’, all o’er my brain
these drugs, i feel the same
takin shrooms on a god d*mn plane
too d*mn fat ion’ know your name
off them drugs, ion’ fell the stain
call [?], he pull up with them thangs


- slt henny كلمات اغنية