tear it down – slum village كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1:]
i was claiming you the best fool but
got some things to explain we ain’t that stupid
got the tap a tap a flow you attached to it
we got trapped nothing less
we ain’t about losing
and them lanes kept clean like lighter fluid
last chance in the van you was like sure
last chance in the van man we.. y’all
they were flashing the plans that we bout do it

tear it down tear it down ah [x4]

[verse 2:]
you know they have sickness
louder as my spirit soul flesh
n-ggas mad so vexed
i’m projects to rolex
d player king chalice
head on take a plane to the palace
bad b-tch all body
dead brain found balanced
up on your beat smith just me and dilla
unknown in that street sh-t but keep k!llers
can’t hear none of that weak sh-t you speak fellas
bread hate to be deep dish that keeps grilla
all haters fall in line
come collide or step aside
one hunned no bluffs
everybody get your mother f-cking hands up


[verse 2:]
metaphor is the sh-t that they begging for
make them look like the seven dwarves
set it off and reset the score
if you ever expected anything less than the best
then boy and my repertoire is the war with these dogs in the reservoir
my ego is tarantino but guido like in casino
unbeatable while the follow my lead and feed me amigos
whole fam sit at the table no need in being greedy
god done blessed me like i’m sneezing need a reason
a fan of the challenge
while your plans stand in the balance
dammit i’m causing damage
to the band on a couple planets
parents and friends in a panic gone on a couple of xanax
i’ll school you fools
make you wanna move off the campus
more than the bruises and band
as if you choose to withstand it
i’m married to the game i don’t have to choose a companion
duck your heads in the clouds
you ain’t overdue for a landing
put the pen to the paper and give them reason to panic
shooting right up the chalks like they shot you out of a cannon
i don’t give a f-ck cuz they know i’m gonna wear the crown
jon connor and i came to tear it down

[chorus] [x2]

[verse 3:]
it breaks down for my very next break
like ain’t s-x textbook best but you ain’t no threats
this is bro complain to bro thanks to that
exploded on the scene which means it’s sudden death
i’ve been told that a load on my soul is so cold it’s nova scotia
when it’s north pole
i make a play an axle bro
when i’m pop pop like the popos
i put a glock to his skull
make them beg so we ain’t playing no roles
our goals is to get the hoes plus the jewish’s dough (uh)
i’m not kosher bro
a spokesman i give a f-ck so go
i got a mag this ain’t the rolling stones
this is skull and bones
when i’m sad this is jazz with a cl-ssic flow
i stand alone when i step on bones and broke necks like t-rex
destroy homes in south central projects
solo cup this ain’t a chance
it’s more chess so don’t guess wrong
fan fanatic when i cause havoc in every town extended miles i spin around and tear it down (down)

- slum village كلمات اغنية