rap battle with mohammed hijab – smile 2 jannah كلمات اغنية

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[round 1: smile 2 jannah & mohammed hijab]
a guy called hijab wants to battle me
what on earth? his brother’s probably called sari
don’t test me, you oversized cabbage tree
i’ll make you retire from speakers’ corner, guarantee

now let me turn my attention to this joker on my right
it’s clear that he’s infatuated or even jealous of my height
look, let me say something to you
you, you’re choking
your bars are so whack that you’re choking like a smoker
i’m gonna have to slap the reality back with my bars
to make you a fair-minded sober
so look, we’re not playing games right here, we’re not playing poker
we’re not smoking ganja here, and we’re not doing hookah
all i’m saying is that i’ve run out of ideas

[round 2: smile 2 jannah & mohammed hijab]
everything around has a purpose, no?
from the stars that glow, the gr-ss that grows
you know? the river that flows
and this started long ago
how can you say there is no god?
or that there’s three, like some sort of tripod
our universe is so finely tuned
look how our body heals itself after a wound
or a child developing in his mother’s womb
or how the body decomposes in a tomb
look how our hair grows at different lengths
well… not all of us, let’s play to our strengths
the setting of the sun is a sign
so is the sweat dripping from his hairline
i’ll stay loyal, always, to intelligent design
humans get it wrong, just look at his forehead – frankenstein

they say god is a delusion, and they call us the craziest
this magician thinks he came from nothing, you can call him an atheist
look, i’ve got a spiritual craving that this atheist can’t satiate
for the maggots, this atheist is gonna be most tastiest
well look, i’m saying for the atheist
don’t just swipe aside religion and don’t be hastiest
think about it carefully, before you make that decision – athiest

- smile 2 jannah كلمات اغنية