cypher – smoke ao كلمات اغنية

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and this ain’t another track
saying don’t get them boys whacked
truth is pigs tryna hang you from a rack
due sh-t you’ll never have if you don’t stack
fools workin’ 24 6 minimum wage
cops brazy raise yo hands ‘n’ get slayed
n-gg-s out here chasing cash wit no brains
20 percent of the population offa cocaine
n-gg-s die and forgotten in like 6 days
half these n-gg-s k!ll they momma for a gold chain
addicts od ‘n’ they body still
dope man ain’t got no type of feel
government still trying to go write a spiel
trump likes to lie bout deals, taxes, faxes
when he goin’ stop signin’ bills
spinnin’ like all kinda tales
what this n-gg- gon’ say next
ain’t no way i could i tell
i be f-cking high as h-ll

- smoke ao كلمات اغنية