143 – smoke dza كلمات اغنية

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i love this sh*t
sap is on the beat
i love anything about it
the ups and downs
the loss [?]
it’s all apart of game

[verse 1]
four*hundred forty*eight on the clock, i watch the scale tip
all those out of town trips made me feel a say in this
for not keeping the drugs and the money in the same whip
multiple vehicle just incase it get dangerous
right, mask and gloves like i’m bane
the virus made it easier for us to home invade
they think they got us figured out, but they don’t know a thing
put thirty on your headpiece, that’s just anothеr chain
really, a nice watch
as soon as you put some diamonds in thеm, the price drop
as soon as i work for self, it put the entire spot
don’t throw me no pity party think that i might stop
cause i not, i’m at the roundtable [?] up hot like was legal
top shelf, you better cop before my people
drag your feet, end up paying double, [?]
disappointed like smokey when crack and shoot [?]
i love this sh*t, yeah
i love it, i love it, love it, love it, love it
love it
i love this sh*t, yeah
even if you haters all love me
i love it

[verse 2]
kush god, say it bluntly, touring the country
holidays, i’m like [?], everyday comfy
flood worth, make sure you see when everything comfy
i’d advice, but stay focus, don’t turn into junkies
stand clear, make sure you protect mama and auntie
grandma, she prays for me she, keeps away junkies
evil spirits that gyre me, slang, how i pr*nounce the unsung
underground king pen, run [?] n*gga
new shines, i switch up my monthly plug
then i grab a couple, a couple, they front me
look, plus i got a couple on the way
ya’ll are just some suckers in the way, f*cking up the play
still getting money who i came up with
smoker’s club, shout my brother who i flame up with
marathon, i had endurance when they gave up quick
i got real songs with nips, no make up sh*t
i love this sh*t, yeah
i love it, i love it, love it, love it, love it
ha, yeah
i love this sh*t
i love it, i love it, love it, love it, love it

- smoke dza كلمات اغنية