celebrate – smokie norful كلمات اغنية

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celebrate, for the day of the lord
give thanks, for all that he has done
your struggle, is now finished
the battle is fought and the victory is won


[verse 1:]
i’m a winner i’m no longer in the dark
no more will i walk around in defeat
i will rejoice at all times
for i know that my god is with me


[verse 2:]
i win cause i’m on the lord’s side
and i shout for the victory he provides
there’s nothing that can turn me back now
for i know that my god is with me


for i wrestle not with weapons of this world
but against, princ-p-lities
for god has overcome and delivered me

celebrate, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate

celebrate the lord!

- smokie norful كلمات اغنية