hymn of differentiation – sorrows path كلمات اغنية

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hear my moan, i’ll keep my pride
a true man dares to cry
frightened eyes i hate your light
alone i’ll live and die
they will try to control
your body and your mind
trust your fantasy and your dreams
to gain the eternal light

walking by myself
don’t come too close, i don’t need your help
high as a mountain
i’ll be

“the paranoid dreamer”
they call me for my thought
i’m “the paranoid”
’cause i have a different mind

hear my voice, i’ll hide my truth
to keep on my way
take my hand, they have the fear
we’ll break their vile circle
they will shatter your soul
your dignity will be lost
trust your fantasy and your dreams
to be the first in line

forever paranoid

- sorrows path كلمات اغنية