her father – soulmate sam كلمات اغنية

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intro :
you never judge a book by its cover man
because sometimes, you just see people
and say he or she are like this and like that
but you’re wrong, you never lived with them
you never saw their inner side
so if you wanna know who are they
i’ll tell you theur story

verse 1 :

its a little girl missing her father, one day she was walking alone in an empty street, and saw a bench, she went there sat by herself, and started talking while her tears were sliding
down her cheeks, she said h-llo i miss you dad am feeling weak, come and save me from this world like you always did, you know sometimes at night i sneak, i go outside and lay on the ground
i see the stars i remember your face and i start to cry, i try so hard everyday to seek, answers that i will never get as long as you are not around, i would give anything and everything to
get you back even the mountain peak, your picture is still there hanging in my mind and it will never go away and i will always be a wreak, for other people there, whether in school or just
outside, i’m called a freak

hook :

come back daddy please i , need to see you, (need to see you), “i miss you so much” kiss you hug you without you my life is bullsh-t (try to understand her)

she misses her dad and she feels so sick, (let her go), do you know that you’re burrying her deep down (underground) x2

verse 2 :

she got up, from that bench, kept walking alone, she got home, safe and sound, went straight to her room, closed the door and grabed a tool, she thought for a while, droped that tool and said
its too soon, to be doomed for, instead of that she had tears, dimes in her eyes and rubies on arms, she started talking she said, daddy hi, i miss you of course, but i need you now, you see
there is people, not them all but a lot, they keep making fun of me, treat me bad and talk in my back, i need you back, to teach them a lesson, that b-tch of a teacher, who said you girl
grades are falling, first thing tomorrow i need, your father here, in front of the cl-ss, made me go out, while crying, he asked me something that i would love to do but i simply can not
he harmed me and my feelings daddy i miss you


verse 3 :

she needs all support, of course she does, and people like her are count, one song can simply not describe how she horribly feels, but at least, it can explain, maybe a bit but all we need
is a hit, yes it is indeed, when i talk about it i guess i bleed, but it is fine by me i still can resist, i’ll leave it to you all a situation to read….

- soulmate sam كلمات اغنية