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paula deen (5x)

[verse: spiff]
as humans we can find the good in almost anything but ourselves
i’m looking deep with in these people and i’m seeing myself
and it helps to be dwelling in h-ll
too good is bad
approaching the thought of a holy ghost with the utter most trepidance
i’m just
tryna’ make these 80’s babies dance
and make these hip hop heads and indie bands get along with the trappers
now i days i
don’t know where i be accepted
college neither
ever single girl i talk to get rejected
all my teachers say he’s not applying himself
my algebra teacher think that i’m slow
but i just don’t give a f-ck where i end up if its not on the other end of
the television
i ditched my addiction
and i replaced it with fiction
i f-cking hate the kids at this school
all of them fake as a report from a fennec
all of them grinning one minute next minute they talking sh-t and discredit me
so now i’m home teaming
b-tch i’ll see you gleaming beaming p-ssed me in the whip and sn-tch you out screaming
everybody just please shut the f-ck up
i ain’t going to college
you told me get serious because your theory consist of materials for academic criteria
well i’m serious bout this that music you hearing
because the journey is nearing us
autumn leaves, will come
walk across the stage i will be a nominee
i’m saying f-ck what you think this is what i believe
and these n-ggas not gone make me loose my job like paula dean
and honestly i know family you only want the best for me but i’m about to be a senior and fulfill my destiny instead of getting a degree so you can sip upon your tea and laugh with ya friend about how this rap sh-t was a phase thank god that he finally came to his came seenses
man you gonna see
oak park n-gga that’s just tryna’ leave a legacy
tryna’ have the greats and the legends standing next to me
i’m not gone let these n-ggas take my job homie paula deen

[outro: (tiffany’s breakfast]

paul: let’s get out of here….i said let’s get out of here. i want to talk to you….what’s the matter with you anyway?…..what’s happened?

holly: fred, will you please just leave me alone?

paul: holly…i love you…where are you going?

holly: to the ladies room

paul: what’s the matter with you?

holly: let me go

paul: no

holly: fred, let me go

paul: let’s get something straight. i am not nor have i ever been fred, nor am i

benny shacklett, whoever he may be…my name is paul–paul varjak–and i love you

holly: let me go

paul: nottill we settle this. now what’s all this jazz about south america?

holly: i thought if i’m marrying a south american, i’d better find out something about the country

paul: marry? what south american? you’re crazy

holly: do you think you own me?

paul: that’s exactly what i think

holly: i know that’s what everybody always thinks, but everybody happens to be wrong

paul: look, i am not everybody…or am i? is that what you really think? that i’m no different from all your other rats and superrats?….wait a minute….if that’s it…if that’s what you really think…there’s something i want to give you

holly: what’s that?

paul: $50 for the powder room

- spiff m3ylor كلمات اغنية