10th pwr – st.bones كلمات اغنية

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sitting by the porch
little something on ma mind
pour about a half a glass and recline
wondering, do i really gotta talk about this sh*t?
like do it matter if y’all n*ggas don’t respect my sh*t?
i been around for a while don’t let the baby face fool ya
i’m nice only thing i ain’t familiar
my words like a bullet on a mission rippin’ through ya
my n*ggas told me “talk that sh*t for those who never knew ya”
i started making beats when i was 15 wrote to 16 at 16
recording on these tracks was a big dream
wonder why it took me so long
needed a guarantee that hip hop would do me no wrong
do me no harm

young n*gga seen enough already
been through it all neglect, rеjection everything in bеtween and more with dreams of going hard
smash all of the charts living like i’m tom cruise
and flex with no regards
my life of pain was my first rap flow
shoulda seen it lyrics was like a suicide note
my chest felt a lil lighter as the ink blot wrote
i spilled my soul on that paper like a pipeline broke
motherf*ckers know my story too well
never been the type to tap about a stolen jewel
who do we tell bitter story of a young black child
tryna build a dream bigger than the eiffel tower
n*gga, don’t hate me!
hate the money i seen but never made yet
the good life that i dreamed but never lived yet
told ’em i don’t hang or chill if i ain’t paid yet
is i gone blow like the world trade?
h*ll yes!!
and that’s word to biggie
n*ggas acting like they knew me
but judging me wrong like judge judy?
when you doing ya thing everybody is a critic
you try and you fail everybody still a critic
so f*ck everybody’s hypocritical ways
south side jamaica queens but nigerian*made
imma always be ahead of my game so be amazed
you c*cking a 4*5 while i’m tossing grenades!

ace of spade
ghost ride nicholas cage!
pull ma n*ggas up got ’em off the minimum wage
the good last so imma see a million days
but you still wanna hate be my guest i suggest
how long till a n*gga writing fat checks?
waiting on this million dollar prospects
paradigms are shifting on every side
and realize that you can start a million dollar project
with a dollar and a dream
out of the many twinkles in the sky
my star’s due for the gleam
with the sh*t that i done seen
i’m breaking every bone in front of me ain’t n0body stopping the rise of me

- st bones كلمات اغنية