16 bars in the morning (freestyle) – star goodkid كلمات اغنية

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[intro] star goodkid
ay, yo’ sup bro ?
yeah we going out man

[ verse ] star goodkid
n*gga i wake up and i’m feeling great
n*gga i be getting ready for the day
and i be calling my n*ggas
browza, maverick we going out today

and i be wearing my gold chain
and my phone ringing
i’ve been feeling great n*gga
these days n*gga has been paid
n*gga been paid, paid n*gga

we walk in the mall and girls they be looking at me
they want some pictures with me
we taking them straight to the bendo
we partying f*cking all night
cause we from the ghetto

they call me thapelo
and i’m selling dеmo
my music so nice
my music so nero
i’m shining so bright
catching fuego
i’m shining so bright
catching fuеgo, n*gga

- star goodkid كلمات اغنية