melt – stas thee boss كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

eyes on the sparrow
hit that circle with arrow
crabs belong on beaches
not in a barrel
wearing blackness like apparel
and i sing it like a carol
i bring it like i’m feral
and i keep it like a share hold

youngin’ never creasin’
but old soul enough to reason
wind and fire breathing
when i drag em i’m khaleesi
i brag on but i’m easy
if you’re swag enough to meet me
you congratulate my feasting
then you ask me what i’m eating
a winner loves defeating
so we reaping all the seedlings
those creepy little weaklings
all critiquing every weekly
they taking things and keeping
but not saying where they’re peeping
are you seeing what i’m seeing?
of course not cause you’re peeking

but i blind her with a shadow
don’t a sheep belong in meadow
send a million flowers and i only need a petal
that was heavy like some metal
and pot calling a kettle
and a spade calling a spade
and a ratchet being ghetto
i hold on till i let go
but you fade me like an echo
you want me, yes i bet tho
you been waiting from the get go
protected by a circle
like a rhino on the ecko
scary at my best so
so you should never let your fret go

- stas thee boss كلمات اغنية