as good as it get – stoneman كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: stoneman]
i’m a soldier on the screen
i’m real close with my tv
and i’m really f-ckin’ far from all these people
and it stings
i just work, i’m a bee
you are you, i am me
we are we
we got an awful lot of catchin’ up to do
maybe i’ll shoot a message
look at my phone, all i see is a weapon, like
i’m mr. molotov, i sharpen t–th on makarovs
no, bite
bit the barrel off and now this strap don’t work
this wasted night
i had big plans for the roof of my mouth
and for that wall of his house
i could’a painted and doused
but i got big plans, couldn’t be over and out
there’s like a life in my shout
and there’s an end to this drought
i made it, waterfall, i’on wanna fall
’cause it’s a long way up and down these f-ckin’ rocky walls
i made it, waterfall, i’on wanna fall
my hands and knees are bleeding
’cause i had to crawl

[chorus: sicko]

[verse 2: stoneman]
soldier, like i’m in the army
drivin’ through wars ‘side of bonnie
i pulled my body out body
draggin’ myself through the rocky
i drag myself from the m-ffler
hold it together for sister and brothers
people like clones, can’t tell one from the other
i burn the piece and it tasted like rubber
i have to find this sh-t funny
but how could i laugh when i’m lucky?
i gotta worry bout money
still f-ckin’ silly as bunnies
still tryna upload my mind to the net
that sound as good as it get
still tryna cripple my body with meth
that sound as good as it get
i made a life outta laptop
i made a life outta camera
you are like mo’f-ckin capable
just keep the tabs on ya stamina
just keep a tab on my family
tab on my enemies
i’on got enemies
i just got people that never were everything
and i wish ’em better than anything
still keep a tab on my buds
show me what wasn’t, what was
bones on the buzz
i could relate to a bug
small as the spark on the plug
and, now, i appreciate life, i’on want it to end
but i know the reaper my friend
that sound as good as it get
that sound as good as it

[chorus: sicko]

- stoneman كلمات اغنية