100 degrees freestyle – sully pillant كلمات اغنية

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it’s sully

bringing flavour to the game, it tasted bland
took some fire from the booth and brought it to the frying pan
a dragon with the words, heat from my diaphragm
then i’m overlapping rappers like a venn diagram
just give it time

i’ll walk you over to the finish line
hitting mines how i’m bout to blow up i ain’t quitting, i’m
as good as it gets, ain’t even in my prime yet
music in my blood and that’s how destiny and i met

flying jets overseas for a show
models wanting me in their ovaries
they never took me seriously and now i’m getting ps for the flow
i rock the nation hoping that hova sees

success is what you make it
take it how it comes
i been tryna build a bakery, ain’t making it with crumbs, uh
the sweetest victory, could taste it on my tongue
i ain’t talking temporary when i tell you i’m the one
100 degrees
hotter than 100 degrees, i’m burning through
uh, yeah
100 degrees
see every time i jump on the beat, might turn into 2

- sully pillant كلمات اغنية