job search – sur5ill كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
i log in in to monster, my username is my email
sur5illmusic@gmail; a bunch of bullsh-t matches at retail
psh–been there, done that…and others asking for lead sales
monster is bullsh-tting, i think i’ll map out the indeed trail
i try clearing the, search history i applied for my area
“sorry, no rapper jobs were found that match up the criteria”
i’m not getting gigs via soundcloud or my reverb
sur is bounced out of those keywords…i found out through my research
i need a good kick in the -ss, a roundhouse for my rebirth
so i can make enough dough to buy a townhouse for my niece first
but i keep stumbling on wack -ss jobs all of them offer the least perks
and i need to buy out my lease because my roommate is an obese jerk
maybe i’ll wait tables just to stay stable
if i’m lucky i’ll be dating a patron or f-ll-ted by a waitress
who has aimed way low and therefore should remain faithful
i’ll be grateful if i am able to finagle
a steady job paying by this april
i hope this f-cking label
calls back or i’ll end up managing at staples
i don’t even need a ba degree to grace this vacancy
which is ok for me
this is my fall back if i get a call back
so i can fill your pencil and eraser needs
basically i’m certain that this is the career version of free agency
as a result i speed hastily to the macbook pro to see what awaits for me
there seems to be a decent job opening in scranton, pa selling paper reams
i’ll gladly drive down and interview with the boss m. scott if they pay for me
or take a plane to the british branch, get my p-ssport image stamped;
ricky gervais and team
they can plan a raise for me
unless they get caught up in a lame tax evasion scheme
man, i’m gen y and i’ve been nice; taking breaths away since berlin tried
and i’m hotter than some cayenne spice; but it’s much to my chagrin why
do i even want a regular nine to five like the kinds of guys
on ‘mad men’ whom i despise
whose companies have been privatized?
i dunno–it seems a giant lie
all of my dress shirts are wrinkled because my iron died
to be honest, i can’t even tie a tie;
so if i wear a clip-on to an interview with slacks
there’s no f-cking way i’ll get hired by
a quiet guy who is boring
and has worked at jp morgan in a prior life
but he was fired twice–
i’ll just go against the grain like wild rice (work)

- sur5ill كلمات اغنية