ready or not – sweet escape كلمات اغنية

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(verse 1)
call the doctor,
is there a diagnosis for this.
holding love,
has put bruises under my wrist.
and i can’t find,
what i’m looking for.

screamin’ loud your wakin’ me at midnight,
no go i need to take that long drive.
follow me though.

hold on for dear life,
you told me that one time.
ready or not,
here i come.

and you know it’s okay,
cause i’ll be here anyway.
through everything,
through everything.

and i’ll hold you close,
that way you’ll always know.
through everything,
it’ll be okay.

(verse 2)
these city lights seem a little dimmer,
when your around our story seems to differ.
now i’m on my own

- sweet escape كلمات اغنية