1min – sxyren كلمات اغنية

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i got the gas in me like i’m a factory
he said he gonna k!ll me
but that sh*t ain’t happening
n*ggas be capping on me
that sh*t blasphemy
she said she want me
but that b*tch ain’t having me
took her to the crib like i am her exert
you n*ggas don’t know sh*t cause i am the expert
f*ck her from the front and doing the inverse
i’m cooking up the pot and whipping up dinner
gon’ make it big and be on your telly
that ain’t your lil’ hoe cause my d*ck in her belly
i’m moving to fast better crank up the vision
i’m making some money then times 2 division
when i get big im gonna have me a series
and when that time comes you lil n*ggas gonna be me
these n*ggas don’t know me but they are my minis
i know this gonna happen cause my man lil michy

- sxyren كلمات اغنية