18yearoldvirgin – tae retro كلمات اغنية

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hold on tae retro

[verse 1]
when it comes to the paper tae retro gets physical
smooth like michael, but i’m not a criminal
link in yo’ bio, it sounded so pitiful
bodied the beat, the condition is critical
hit in the stu’ and you know that i’m ready
she wanna come kick it, but i am not messi
i dont wanna talk because you are so petty
you gassing these hoes even though you smoke reggie
these n*ggas ain’t bout’ it, i doubt that they shootin’
i got all this guap like a n*gga been looting
my class is in session, and you are the student
your verse was so trash so i had to remove it
aye, n*gga come check out my fit
walk around town, i look like a l!ck
n*ggas be hating they want me to quit
your diamonds look fake, stop taking them fl!cks
i’m up on the news, come catch me at eight
stay at the crib, idk to a date
murdered the beat, done caught me a body
i do it so often you think its my hobby
buy her a room, then i smash in the lobby
asked enough questions, like when you gon’ top me
lil’ scott walker, i mastered the force
hop on the beat now its lit like a torch
you failed your mission, its time to abort
talkin’ bout’ cars, i got atleast four
how is you balling but ain’t cop a session
hooping on n*ggas, i could give out lessons
heard your last track and it wasn’t impressive
drop straight hits, you thinkin’ its tekken
how is you trappin’, your curfew eleven
my chopper the choir and retro the reverend
retro, retro, retro, retro

[verse 2]
she poppin’ them beans, ain’t talkin no senzu
n*ggas be biting ain’t giving out menus
rule of the force, ain’t talkin’ no ginyu
beat her lil’ back and then buy her a hairdo
body a beat and then hit up your moms house
n*ggas get mad and start pulling them guns out
get to the guap and now they want some free clout
hit a few k and now they want a shout out
you claim that you hard, but looks are deceiving
she want me to stay, even though that i’m leaving
i beat up the track and leave studio’s bleeding
and no you can’t guard me, so why are you reaching?
i’m ballin’ like kobe, i might hit a jumper
i cut through the track and i ain’t talkin’ no upper
a funny lil’ n*gga, i’m living in color
if she be a lame i might have to dump her
i get the bag and flip it
dunkin’ like griffin, i ball like the pistons
i sip the tea, ain’t talkin’ no lipton
she giving top that’s none of my business
if you want cash then n*gga go get it
i grab the cash, but no i dont split it
look at these hoes, like who are you tricking
i’m adding up numbers, i’m adding up digits
you did it again tae retro, you did it again

- tae retro كلمات اغنية