3 weeks ago – tara gozay كلمات اغنية

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my voice left me three weeks ago
but i myself got nowhere to go but here
today i’ll be taking care of me

had to cancel plans with everybody
except drs h. f. and g.

finally i’ve given up coffee
although i’ve still had cheese and cream
finally my volumes are in control
but i still sing from my soul

my technicality
is technically good
oh don’t tell me
i’m “not good enough”
to do this, oh woah oh

my voice met you 4 months ago
at least now i know i’m not alone, i’m here
lately, i’m dizzy, throwing up, almost fainting
at these concerts, i wonder if i should stick to painting

finally, i’ve shut my big mouth
to prevent the volumes from leaking out
okay maybe, i don’t know how to sing “i”
without my drop dropping
like efron’s passing by
oh oh oh

my voice left me three weeks ago
but i, myself, can’t go to san francisco, i’m here
today, i’ll be taking care of me
and i’ll sleep less restlessly

- tara gozay كلمات اغنية