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possibilities – teddy geiger lyrics

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i’m walking on clouds now
and the sky is falling on down
well i don’t wanna wake up if i’m dreaming
don’t think i’ll ever get out of my bed
it’s like every moment brings a surprise
and my eyes won’t open
i feel something’s different
i’m growing out of my skin

goodbye my fears
i feel that we have parted
the possibilities keep walking in on me
and it feels so strange, i guess that’s change
it’s alright
the possibilities keep walking in on me

i always said that i needed a girl
one to hold and who i’d give the world
well that’s alright
but it’s so hard to decide, yeah
sometimes i find pictures of me left behind
things in life happen twice, the first is in my mind


sometimes i can’t [3x]
see what’s right in front of my eyes
sometimes i can’t [3x]
believe that i believe


- teddy geiger كلمات اغنية