*surrff* – terrance escobar كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

n-gga stop that cap
b-tch you know i’m getting racks
you know i’m sparking k!ll b-tch
burning up the pack
you know i count them racks
f-ck up sakks w/ that sack
you know my main b-tch
ride the d-ck: camel back
i put that -ss on wax
i’m in first you in last
draw down with that strap
in all black with a mask
creeping threw the back
let it blast
on yo’ b-tch -ss
you n-ggas need a p-ss
where i’m @
you can’t get even go

you can’t hit the gas so don’t ask
you lil’ silly hoe
racks in the stash, keep a bag
yeen even know
i’m just in the back counting cash
and i’m getting stoned
yo’ b-tch on my d-ck
doing tricks
she just want a bone

cruising threw 6 with a stick
shoot ya’ georgia dome
i just made a fl!ck witcha’ b-tch
in ya’ georgia home
young n-gga getting rich
i’m stacking it
& flipping it
i’m kicking sh-t
wrapping up a brick
like a christmas gift

smoke exotic weed
exotics trees
yeen high as me
gotta lotta st–ze
lotta freaks
wanna swallow me
f-ck exotic tings
pop a bean
when i’m overseas
moving like a king
n-ggas minions
n-ggas mini me’s

b-tch i’m getting paid
you a j
you sparking up da mid
i just caught ya hoe like fish
you cappin’
like a lid
and you saving hoes
with cape
you gone’ save the day
geek‘ up everyday
in outer sp-ce
i stay out the way

they hate to see me flex
they hate a n-gga with a check
they hate it cause’ i’m k!lling sh-t
they hating cause’ i’m next
but i can’t even flex
i got my foot all on they neck
they pockets anorexic
but i’m coming like a legend, kid

i move like a king
you a peon
you a peasant, kid
i’m smoking out the p
while you scr-ping up the resin, kid
9 with the beam
point the laser @ ya melon, kid
drippin’ h-lla clean
i get fly without the effort, kid

and i got the burner
keep a heater
you got cold feet
never let a b-tch think you need her
word to og

lean in the liter
i’m conceited
yo b-tch get mistreated
esco undefeated
you can’t see me
n-gga like i’m cena
selling out arenas
signing cleavage
yo’ hoe wanna meet me

but i won’t even greet the b-tch
i’m headed to a meeting b-tch
probably get her number
f-ck 1 time
then delete the b-tch
yeah i might mislead the b-tch
heard you wanna treat the b-tch
i just get the dome then i’m gone
you can keep the b-tch

- terrance escobar كلمات اغنية