0 to 100 (remix) – tha dogg pound كلمات اغنية

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aye, yo, bullsh-t ain’t nothin’ but chewed up gr-ss
word to my m-th-f-ckin’ jumba
aim for yo headline, who’s up last
if the fans ain’t happy, you might lose some
i got a line in my pocket and i’m hungry
smokin’ on loud from the sweet to the lobby
talkin’ to these n-gg-s about money because probly
i’m the best m-th-f-cker in this m-th-f-ckin’ party
half of these n-gg-s cotton swab
the otha half not the squad
i’m in the gap like i’m charlie
not quite like you n-gg-s, i’m a breed of a champ
i’m twice you n-gg-s, my prestige is a mac
i stand tall, pledge my allegiance to smack
in this sh-t about a b-tch if my weed ain’t intact
take a puff then i lean to the back
it’s 2014, still in the game
and i’m losin’ it by no means, feelin’ the same
give a f-ck about a b-tch, less about a n-gg-
rip port, the whole bottle of liquor
i’mma beast, more of a whole lot of a n-gg-
i don’t see n-body f-ckin’ around wicha
i be a man, i give ’em a bar mitzvah
huh, i’m goin’ hard, give ’em no peace
huh, now n-gg-s wanna tell the police
huh, i got luv for this g sh-t
ride around old-school chained with the gold leaf

i got 30 n-gg-s and 45 body bags
hunid round clips, make the situation sad
gun in my hand, ready just for this g sh-t
so many n-gg-s make the otha side sea sick
flag on my left side, nun on my right side
tragical moment, n-gg-, when them real n-gg-s gut alive(?)
suicide, it’s a suicide
you coward -ss n-gg-s ? you ain’t gon’ ride
bye bye, n-gg-, we outta here
p-ssy -ss n-gg-, who da f-ck did yo b-mpin’ fear?
here comes the king, magadir, witchin’ and clutchin’ the thumper
put it down, m-th-f-cka, for the last 20 summers
see a dummer and dummer and dummer big dummy
? shout out to all my homies
seein’ dolla n-gg-s, long money, no ruler
no ? n-gg-s, police tapes, my shooter
from the uzi just like from 80 to now
like a ar50, we lay sh-t down
dpgc, aka dog pow
talkin’ sh-t, how the f-ck you sound
n-gg-, we up, legendary, in the street carry heat
how da f-ck do you know that we go go go for defeat?
what it is is what it is, i can’t complain about sh-t
obtain a fly whip, who did ya ride with?
dpgc, n-gg-
dpgc, baby

n-gg-, tell me what ya really want
is it something that you’re really gonna do?
come here, trippy n-gg-
you can see the set(?) with the crew
all we do is get money
every single day, b-tch
that’s how we do it n-gg-
cause you know we stay rich
tell me what you want
tell me what you need
every day we get money
and every day smoke rum weed
ya know this is west coast
ya know we got the best smokes
so you can come to my set
i just really got what you got(?)

the minotaur, you wanna get yo head bashed in?
keep talkin’ that sh-t, and the head bashin’ begins
that quick, suicide tablets relief like any acids
you wasn’t with me in the gym, b-tch, you was with any ’em
hard fee
when i was workin’, you was f-ckin’ dr. dre and em
i got a h-rn on my forehead, had to run thru impostors
get these n-gg-s oscars, terminal, rhinoceros
it’s gatti, feelins, i got no fear
say my name six times and calibus will appear
oculus, innajaws, aculine, octopus, a binocular vision divine
listen to why, kit-kat pah pac pac
who is it? who the f-ck wanna pay me a visit?
the only way we would be meetin’?
i’m dumpin’ through the door before i’m givin’ the greetin’
n-gg-s tryna stop a real n-gg- from eatin’
and that’s the only reason why the n-gg- is bleedin’
i told supafly call dad was crackin’
muthaf-ckas thinkin’ that the pound is inactive
n-gg-, pop a molly pill while i pop the still
comin’ in this b-tch like n-gg- what’s happenin’?
is it you? knock a n-gg- out his shoes
level 2? take off on anybody ya chose
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
mop these n-gg-s up and leave with every b-tch that came in
and every b-tch that you came in
will have babies with ya and these mommas at it again
she ain’t loyal

- tha dogg pound كلمات اغنية