1520 truck ave – tha god fahim كلمات اغنية

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a*a*art dealer
check it out

i swear some of you n*ggas snake meat, it’s hard to trust y’all
i’ll write a letter to the president, tell him to f*ck off
i go hard in the paint and around the post
and they know my sh*t is dope if you want a dose
i tote the toast, even when i’m on another coast
just in case i’m just a target to some other folks
i’m blastin’ first and askin’ questions later
and if you clap, i’ll return favor
yeah, you great, but i’m greater
apocalypse raps, venomous vocals like a water moccasin’s yap
puttin’ real rap back on the map
gotta quote my last phrase, we’re livin’ in the last days
my heat flash raze bullets through your [?] cage; i’m in a rage
my ancestors had to live as slaves
gotta separate the real from the phony
enemies and homies, i’d rather be lonely
robbin’ before i’m starvin’ and bony
stop frontin’, n*ggas hardly know me
mind your business, keep sh*t movin’
why you n*ggas f*ckin’ with me? i’m just coolin’
’cause emcees i be schoolin’

- tha god fahim كلمات اغنية