3 way stop – the crease rule كلمات اغنية

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spent all day in the car
i changed the oil so i could get back to it with the boys
between plastic bottles and burger wrappers

this backseat is a pit
the only reason for this garbage bin on wheels
is to get my ass to the store
so i can tray up meat and listen to the lifers
b*tch and moan

the only problem with my life
baselines the quickest way to work
as long as you can handle stupidity
that happen’s at the…

three way stop down in bowmanville
if you’re driving through its a f*cking thrill
ya gotta go!

c’mon and grab your pals, go and see the mess
it’s a coin toss between life and death
ya gotta go!

are you searching for purpose?
got the people around you to approve
a dummy heading west
who had no clue if he should rip a left
gotta’ grab your popcorn
let’s catch a matinee at the hardware store
between a honda civic getting t*boned
by your grandpa’s ford

the real problem with my life
my girlfriend lives outside of town
if don’t go there now
my old man will take the keys and tell me

there’s a three way stop down in bowmanville
and if ya make it through you’ll need a f*cking pill
ya gotta go!

i should obey the laws but i choose to coast
right through the intersection that i hate the most
ya gotta go!

- the crease rule كلمات اغنية