1426 – the december drive كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

this is a method you use to ignore your words
this is the way that i train myself never to make light of anyone’s concious desicion
it’s more than discursiveness
i’ll keep that in mind for the next time
but this pseudo*ignorance plee is enough to dismiss any credit that you may have been earning back
forensics show signs of uncertainty but can’t find a trace of remorse
still this pity extracts every word i hold from every other friend’s mouth
this time there’s no cut around eyes that long to dismiss this as a misunderstanding instead of a misgovernmеnt
after monitors are positioned
voicеs carry through wires and sp*ce
if this incident’s purpose served only to make an example of me, then ask yourself “was it worth it?”
halfway there
two down, two to go
it’s abdication
your remission
guess it’s setting in
guess i’ve won
if that’s what you’d call this disparagement
headwind hurts more than said words
windward winds held more than hate
halfway there
before i found something wrong
hate held there hurts more than you hold onto
hold on as hard as you can
first one to break will be the first one to fall
it’s far from done
this far from home and far from falling
someday i’d like to forget my way home

- the december drive كلمات اغنية