10. 0800-567-576 (interlude) – the last rhyme كلمات اغنية

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verse 1 (the last rhyme)

talk to me like i’m all you have
your mind is a weapon but your face looking always sad
your smile you be faking but your gaze isn’t always bad
the time you’ve be taking making music does it always help?

i talk to myself
cause n0body listen, my soul is just injured
try to free my mind
my thoughts keep me in prison
comfort by darkness, don’t believe religion
cause everythime i step into the the light it gets dim and

i talk to me like i’m all i have
i’m tired of depression
i done doing sh*t the best i can
i guess life is the lesson

now move back
get back
step away from me
all i see shade and perfect hate on me
all i wanna do is get away from it
all i wanna do something great homie
move back
get back
step away from me
ain’t n0body here thats really praying for me
all my sins are piling and they weighing on me
ain’t nothing but me and my story

- the last rhyme كلمات اغنية