03 what they said – the lost and found (paybac x boogey) كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

this sh-t ain’t what they told us

(verse 1 : boogey)

take your words, better eat that sh-t. some of you had personal beef, that’s it. i was making work, trying to be active. say rap don’t sell but you tweet that sh-t..
.. and i know that y’all with the keys have clicks..
..and you wanna make the rest of us evac.. ..or be bat sh-t..
..crazy, be addicts, need acid, need rehab then we relapsing. been a h-ll of a ride, imma recap it. i came in the game and i wreaked havoc. i see half wits..
..who were full of emselves and telling me my sh-t was dead in the water. everything is dying but it’s never me, i’m a psycho, i laugh as i prep for the slaughter. i sharpen my blade, and i slash, and that’s every record recorded
they told me that.. was only rap..
..that i did and they thought it would hold me back. you want them girls and the complex rhymes…
..never undress dimes..
.. in the sundress time..
..of the year, everybody want flex lines..
..for the shaku shaku, and no multisyllables, my guy use one next time. dumb it down, give songs less lines
it blows, it sucks, what they said
blows, sucks, what she said
now na dem go rush me, all them hungry leeches must be fed
then i pull up and show them i made it.. an artiste so underrated
now the legend goes undebated
not just known but known as the greatest

(verse 2 : paybac)

got a dream x2
dr king x2
take my life x2
sow a seed x2
superman x2
you can bleed x2
i sell water x2
to the sea x2

needed love x2
why i listened when you speak
till i found everything i ever needed inside me
i was tryna find my way kept my ear to the streets
set my soul on fire
went through h-ll
god speed

i was going through the motions
i stumbled across the rock of gilbratar
it kept me in focus the past behind me
remember when i started
they said i’m wrong for the market
now i hold m-sses for the m-sses
paying offerings to me

and i never bent over
or -ss kissed for promo
i stayed true to myself
my mystique has always been me

and now you need a meeting to meet me
and bow your head when you greet me
i’m gbenro when you speaking
got great advice you can keep it

now everybody must know

- the lost and found paybac x boogey كلمات اغنية