1134 – the martyrs كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

abandon all hope ye who enter here
welcome to my own personal h*ll!

everywhere the time would read
everytime that i would bleed
the clock will strike
why can’t this make any sense!

entrapped in my head
these thoughts should be left unsaid
not sure how i got this far
but i sure as sh*t wanna get the f*ck out!

id rather sleep on a bed of nails
than to be alone with my sober thoughts
yet much bigger demons now face me
no bottom hits harder than rock
for my demons tell me
hope is more of an enemy down here!
as i strap in
to say goodnight

one final time
let my eyes roll back into a final solace
a weightless goodbye
a cowards throne
abandon all hope, ye who enter here
the same passage but this time it burns
everything is burning yet i feel no pain
my ears bleed as the clocktower rings its’ bell

- the martyrs كلمات اغنية