midnight lights – the road to milestone كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

calm down and take a breath
you’ve got nothing to lose, with nothing left
it’s almost the end now and it’s all right

we’ll never know unless we put up a fight
and we can be anything that we dream
it’s a calling to war, and it’s all that we see

they can break up the skies with their arrogant lies
but we’re here and we’re now, and we’ll never die
and it’s ok
give me a chance, and i’ll make your day
and it’s all right, when we forget to sleep tonight

so dance my darling dance (like it’s your only chance)
hold onto my hand (fall into the trance)

don’t think about your plans (the lights are your romance)
cause tonight, tonight we dance
lose control of reality, let the lights fade to white
the things that you’ll never see
be the person that you are in your dreams

but there’s one thing i need, and that’s for you to trust me
you can wear a smile all that you want
keep it tame, say the names, but you know what i’ve got
i see the rhythm of your everyday life
but you’ll never win this game if you don’t roll the dice

- the road to milestone كلمات اغنية