humans – the scene aesthetic كلمات اغنية

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deep, deep inside of your heart there is a weight that still needs to be lifted.
you cover it up but the pain never stops.
sometimes i wish that you would just listen.
deep, deep inside of yourself there is a soul starving for some affection; been waiting for years and the time p-sses by, all you ever wanted was to fit in.
so i wrote you this song, i hope that you like it.
cause you light up my life, and i know you can fight this.
you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and i wanted you to know.
you’re constantly waiting for life to start and for love to surround it.
if you only looked right by your side you’d find that it never had left you.
you’ve lived through so much and seen so many things through your eyes and i wish you could just see.
if it were up to me, i would construct a key to your heart; and finally set you free.
you can call me; you’ve got no reason to hide.
you’re so lovely; built with a beautiful mind.
wait for your time it will come and you will realize just how special you are.
there’s not enough hate in the world to bring you down.

- the scene aesthetic كلمات اغنية