happiness – the weepies كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...


friday 13, lights go red, green, in a coffee shop
i’m giving you the look
while someone else
is fingering your wallet in my pocketbook

it’s a mean town but i don’t care
try and steal this
can’t steal happiness

got a charger, no cell phone, i can’t call out
unless it’s to cry your name out the open window
to a sky that looks right back
and says it’s never seen rain
sometimes you gotta start clean
you gotta begin not begin again, oh no

and as we fly around the sun
we know we’re not the only ones
love for the lonely
it’s been a long time coming
can you hear that hopeful heart?

night settles, still working on a way to breathe
don’t you go, don’t you go down
take a helium taxi home to me

- the weepies كلمات اغنية